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What makes Mition stand out from our competitors?

  • No investors, community built.
  • No-Code platform. No need for programmers but full API / Customisations available.
  • No Licensing fees.
  • No offshore anything.
  • No ‘per user’ ‘per module’ ‘per staff member’ charges and ’no commissions’.
  • Agile, our Enterprise Architect leads improvements seamlessly.
  • Single interconnected system, single source of truth, not multiple products.
  • 100% Project success.
  • High Value/ Low Cost.
  • Modern, true cloud tech (not legacy with fresh lipstick).
  • 24/7 monitoring and a proven uptime (avg 100% over 5 years).

    Most Importantly, we have such confidence in our product, that we use it to run our business. This website is a mition portal.
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No matter your number of members,
or your growth trajectory your
mition system will just work.

Mition has true enterprise scaling,
this is one of the many ways we
manage the complexities of IT
for you.