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Associations, Unions and Not-for-profit SaaS Software

One unified true SaaS platform

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Mition Possible. Included in each Mition subscription an extensive list of features, providing the tools to increase the quality of support and service at every step of the member journey.

Built by a team of IT and marketing experts here in Australia.

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About us

Why we built Mition.

Join a community of associations, unions and NFPs that no longer have to deal with the complexities of IT.

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18 built-in essential tools to manage any size organisation.

Every feature included, always up-to-date and evolving through our community.

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Why Us

Why choose mition?

Australian made, enterprise grade, high quality service and support. See our reviews, they speak for themselves.

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See technical documentation and training.

Configuring your portal for branding and meeting all of your business requirements.

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