Mition allows you to build modern responsive websites, it allows your (non-technical) team to create content pages and segment security of content for your members.

Build unlimited content pages with unlimited items on them. There are more than 30 component choices to add to a page such as:

- Subscription List (to show members what subscriptions are available)
- Contact us
- Event List
- Discussion (turn any page into a blog page)
- Images / Hero / Carousels / Cards and other next level web content.

Keep your branding by adding your own styles, including colours, fonts and logos.

As part of any introduction course to mition we will teach you:

  • How to create pages.
  • How to add and edit components and examples
  • Font awesome icons.
  • Page security.
  • Creating custom dashboard icons for web pages.

    Use our auto SEO that uses AI to improve your SEO (search engine optomisation) on browsers such as google, bing and yahoo.

    For more details see our documentation.


Make any page into a discussion, add the 'Discussion' component at the bottom of the page and any users can discuss that page (providing they are logged in). This control allows your members to subscribe to discussions, so they get notifications when...

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