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Email Categories and Unsubscribing

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Tips on settting up unsubscribe for your users.

Unsubscribe now has the ability to help your members and other users determine which communications they wish to receive.

The default unsubscribe page (which a link is sent by default in the email footer with all bulk emails) allows users to turn off emails completely OR to pick which email categories they would like to receive emails for.

You can create the Email Categories to segment your communications, by default there is a single Email Category called "General". But you can add more such as "News", "Marketing", "AGM", "Billing" to allow users to unsubscribe from specific email channels without having to turn all emails off. You can add new categories under Admin Settings > Emails > Email Categories (this will then appear under Email Templates and when sending Bulk Emails).

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Note: Important Emails. When sending a bulk email, if the email is being sent to 1 person, this is not considered a bulk email and this email will not check if the user has unsubscribed to bulk emails or email categories.

All other emails that are being sent in bulk (i.e. to a group of more than 1 person), the system will check the email category and the users email category preferences and if the user has specifically blocked this category, then the email will not be sent or stored under the users account.

Automated emails that are sent using Email Templates, will also check the Email Category and the users preferences and prevent any emails being sent where the user has explicitly requested not to receive it.

If you want users to not be able to unsubscribe from Essential emails, create a new email category called "Essential Emails" and mark it as not displayed on unsubscribe screen, that way users will not actually be able to unsubscribe from it. Please be sure to consult spam laws when deciding which are essential emails that users have agreed to as part of your overall site and communication policies.

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Auto Unsubscribe

To keep your sender reputation high (and your emails out of spam), the Mition portal automatically unsubscribes members from bulk emails after their 5th bounced email.Your organisation can amend this rule by dialing it up or down or turning off (by setting to zero (0).Your mition portal will check this weekly automatically for you and if it does find any users who have had more than the allocated it will email the list to the administrators as well so there is a record of it.