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The Members feature of your mition website has many tools and functions to allow you to manage your members.

Use these pages to find out how to manage your members. We cover many topics here from creating new members, to self service and registration.

Members allows you to keep historical information on staff, members, suppliers and any other person who plays an important role in your organisation.

By keeping history on when a user held a role, it gives a new dimension to your user record keeping. e.g. Role : Board Member 1-01-2010 to 1-01-2021


Quick Filters

On the main member screen you can quickly filter users. Use the Quick filters to filter users by Roles/Subscriptions/Programs/Tags. There are built in Roles by default, but you can create your own and manage what they can do (security access).

By default there are no subscriptions, tags or programs on a new mition system. You add these to your system and they allow you to manage your members and dissect them here on this screen.

Advanced Filters

You can use logic to build your own filter and save this for quick reference.


You can send bulk emails out from this screen, select the users you want to email (check the checkbox next to their name) then press the email button. An email popup screen will appear for you to fill out (use a pre-written template to make regular contact messages easier).

Bulk Add

Sometimes you want to load a subscription, tag, role or program onto a large group of members, the bulk add helps you achieve this with just a few steps. First select the users you want to add something to, then click the Bulk add button.


Adding a new member

Manually adding membersYou can add a new member manually by going to the members screen and clicking Add New. The minimal fields you need are: Status (Active or Not Active) Username (often same as email address) Firstname Lastname EmailAll other...


Editing Members

Editing membersUsers who have been give the role of Administrator or Staff can edit any members details. All changes are kept in the auditlog and you can view who changed what under the History button on the Edit User screen. Staff edit users via the...


Roles, Programs, Tags

RolesInbuilt SecurityWe use Roles for the main component that provides security access throughout the portal. The inbuilt roles of Administrator, Staff and Member provide the most common security setup to allow users to edit their own details. The in...


Complex Passwords

Secure your entire systemTo protect your mition portal there are two additional features that can allow to ensure your data is protected. Complex Passwords, this setting ensures that passwords must contain an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, numbe...


If you have questions, you may email at any time and we can provide you information and add it to this section for others..

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