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The system comes with many fields standard, but every organisation has the ability to create 8 custom user fields.  There are 8 free spaces on the User table which you can utilise for your own custom fields for your organisation. The main benefit of using these fields is that they are on the User database table and can be used in reporting and filters on the main Member Search page. 

There are also 8 custom fields available for Suppliers too.

To create a custom fields.

Go to the Admin Settings page > Members > Custom User fields

Or for suppliers, you can add custom fields by going to

Admin Settings page > Suppliers> Custom User fields


If the field is staff only; it will only ever appear on the User Editor form that staff/admins see. It will will not be seen and cannot be edited by the user .

If the field is not staff only AND is set to Display on the User Registration Page the field will appear on the Registration Page and the Users My Settings page and will be editable by the user. You can make the field mandatory and on these pages the user cannot submit the page unless they provide a valid value.

You can currently create strings, check boxes, dropdowns, dates and number fields, accept terms and textareas for longer descriptions.

Staff Only

This will ignore the mandatory field and not show this field on the Registration Field or the Users editing *(my settings) section. Even if the checkboxes are set, this will override the setting for all users.

Display on Registration Page 

This will make this field visible on the Registration page. Whether the user is registering for a subscription or not, this field will appear. It will only be mandatory if the Mandatory checkbox is checked.


If this field is checked, users will not be able to complete the form (registration or user editor/my settings) without completing this field. If you added this field later, you will not be able to force users to update this retrospectively.

We are considering adding a retrospective approval feature, if this is something you need let us know at

This field is deleted, you can undelete it. Any deleted fields do not appear anywhere.


Create a nifty accept terms and conditions for all users registering with your mition site, simply add a custom user field of type 'Accept terms' and put a link to your terms in the description like this <a href='/terms' target='_blank>Terms and Conditions</a> and this will show like a link in the description area.

Then make this field mandatory, users cannot proceed without accepting the terms and conditions.

 Did you know

All user fields are also tracked in the history / auditlog, so all changes logged against custom user fields are logged automatically.

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