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Programs & Education (LMS)

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Automate and Manage Programs/Courses such as CPD or complex Training Programs.

Programs & Education are another great way to segment users, different users can have different roles but also be participating in various Programs. Unlike Roles, Programs do not have any specific security access, instead a program can have a list of steps that require completion.

Programs can be used for CPD or managing a 5 year medical degree.

Define unlimited steps to complete, within that, unlimited rules that need to be completed.

A Rule is defined by activities required to be completed which can include:

- A specific activity (including a min number of points or hours in that activity).
- A number of points across a group of competencies.
- A number of points in specific type of Activities using Tags (e.g. External Training)

All Activities can be setup so that they need to be manually approved or they can be automatically approved.

Program progress automatically calculates, and can issue certificates at each step (e.g. Step 1 could be year 1, Step 2 could be year 2 and then Step 3 could be the final year and a certificate can be issued for each milestone).

Users can add an activity manually as well as attach evidence. Automation of Activities being completed is really simple. Activities can be added automatically for the following:

- Form Completed
- Event Attended
- Specific Webpage Viewed
- Video watched

As our system is API first, 3rd party systems can be authorised to add an activity on behalf of a user OR for a more simple, code free solution, can have a separate system send a link to the webpage that indicates the user performed the task.