Service Desk

One of the great features of having a mition site is that you do not need to use a 3rd party helpdesk or servicedesk system ever again. You can use the service desk module to manage internal tasks for your team, track the resolution and closing of tickets and see where the bottle necks in your organisation are.

With small and large organisations, helping your members is your goal. With the helpdesk system it allows organisations to put processes in place to do this. Members can create and track and add comments to tickets, staff can move tickets to the right staff member and adjust the severity / urgency of tickets.

The whole lifecycle of a ticket is visible and it makes it easy to see where the process failed or did well.


Roles are used to control user access. There are built-in roles for Administrator, Staff and Members you can use and you can add your own roles to further segment your users into different categories.When a user is assigned to a role, you can give th...

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