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Education Module

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Using the Education module allows the user to create unlimited programs, assign users to programs and then break the program into levels, each level has rules around what is expected to be complete (activities / points) and you can issue certificates automatically.

Our platform can be used to build CPD programs or 5 Year Medical Specialty programs, it's easily configured.

Create a 5 year program that has individual yearly requirements, a varied number of activities and issue a certificate for each year completed.

Add activities that users can self administer and determine whether they are automatically approved or require staff approval.

General Activities, can cover anything.

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Everything in the education module centers around activities, these are defined by staff. As a user completes an activity (self logged or perhaps they perform a specific task within the system) the system adds this to their progress in the program.

There are many different types of activities and some of them have specific functionality outside of just picking from a list of general activities the user has done.

Activities targeted for version 1 include

  • eLearning (upload member or staff only content, videos, create web content including forms and online and in person events, track a users comprehensive experience through small tasks to extremely complex multi-year education programs).
  • General Activity (pick from a list of Activities that staff have created like articles, presenting a topic, attending meeting, attending conference and much more)
  • Placements (work placement at specific supplier types e.g. Accredited Hospital)
  • Other Programs (select other programs that make up this program which allows you to create Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 programs and the overall training program to include these 3 years).


  • Attend Events
  • Surveys
  • Forms
  • Basic Assessments
  • Examinations
  • Pay Dues
  • Interact with other members
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