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Member and Stakeholder management

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A single source of truth, with built in accountability.

Mition keeps information on members, staff, suppliers & communication recipients. Allowing unlimited options by using 'roles' for security access. A simple to use system allowing complex member management.

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Subscription features

  • Easily import your members, roles and subscriptions from CSV files.
  • Create Roles/Subscriptions/Programs/Tags to create a multi-dimensional view of your members.
  • Quick search by members.
  • Bulk adds of subscriptions, roles and tags.
  • Send an email or SMS to a group of members (Bulk email).
  • Uses roles to provide your team with the access they require to optimally support your members.
  • Tracked member data changes via audit-log, always know who has made changes to an account.
  • With lock-fail tracking built in, data integrity is maintained even when multiple users amend at the same time.
  • Member summary page, provides complete information.

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Does your organisation have other organisations as members?

Mition has high level features to track members affiliated through a corporate membership, including dedicated new member forms via each organisation as well as allow a dedicated admin per corporate organisation to manage affiliated members.

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The Mition subscription module has been designed to do the heavy lifting of subscription and renewals for your organisation. Our Subscription features include: Automated subscription onboarding and renewals. Automated payment collection. Rolling o...

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