Our clients rely on their mition portal to "just work".

What is mition?
Mition is a cloud based website that we setup and run for our clients, it is a shared platform, all organisations websites run the exact same software, but every organisation has their own database and can configure their site to be different.

The main benefit is that as a group, the software is maintained, new features are added regularly and the costs for owning a membership platform are reduced, while the return on investment is much higher.

Running in the cloud also means that there are no servers to maintain, the mition team takes care of all of that, including backups, ssl certificates and all the complex IT stuff.

What does it do?
For some organisations it is just used to keep their member records safely in one place, where all staff can see / update member records. With auditlog and a member database built to capture the lifetime of a members details, rather than just a snapshot in time.

Other organisations use it to run their organisations website, with nice menu's and landing pages, content just for members and lots of other features like events, new subscriptions, forms, registration pages, you name it.

The website component can be used for staff or administrators, like a backoffice intranet.

The main benefit we explain to our clients is automation and being able to manage large numbers of members more swiftly. We take the time to understand how your subscription process works and demonstrate how it would work better under a mition portal. Having new members register, subscribe and pay for their membership trough advanced automation and marketing.

We setup your mition site and do the data migration and initial website setup for FREE, its part of ensuring a successful transition. The same staff that walk you through your mition portal are available everyday to help answer questions, make improvements and guide you on your journey to better member management.
Why do we do this? What is the catch?
As an enthusiastic team of developers, we love this stuff and have setup systems for really large associations in the past, but now, with a single system we can help more people so you can spend more time helping your members.


The system comes with lots of other great features that we have added over the years by clients requests. Here are the some of the best ones.

Email and SMS marketing
Mobile Apps
API and database accesss

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Member and Stakeholder management

Whether you make your membership system available to the public, or just use it for internal processes, you can store information about every person who makes up your association.Keep historical information on staff, members, suppliers and any other person who plays an important role in your organisation. Import your members Create Roles / Subscriptions / Programs to create a three dimensional view of your members Quick search by members Send an email to a group of members quickly ...

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The subscription module has been designed to do the heavy lifting of subscription and renewals for most organisations.Here are some of the features we cover for new organisations when you use our software: Setup subscriptions to auto renew and collect payments via stripe automatically, or optionally turn off renewal or just auto payment. You can setup fixed period / open period (based on when the user subscribed) You can setup pro-rata payments for fixed periods. Create a welcome emai...

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Mition allows you to build modern responsive websites, it allows you to create content pages and segment security of content for your members.As part of an introduction course to mition we will teach you: How to create pages. How to add and edit components and examples Font awesome icons. Page security. Creating custom dashboard icons for web pages. We also created a short video on how we created this page.

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You can make any page into a discussion, add the 'Discussion' component at the bottom of the page and any users can discuss that page (providing they are logged in).Some recent improvements to this control now allow your members to subscribe to discussions, so they get notifications when they are online and offline.We also introduced the ability to turn swearing protection on/off, so you can customise whether swear words are automatically **** protected with **** markers.You can also allow ...

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Send personalised professional emails to large groups of users.Keep track of those who have opened emails.Create tailored emails and send them in bulk. Our advanced email template builder will help you deliver emails that your members will want to read.Reliable, email and sms messages delivered with validation reporting.

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For the technical staff; mition is built entirely from API's, there is literally nothing you can't do through APIs. The backend APIs are also only visible to users who are authenticated.The API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functions that allows your IT team to read and edit all information stored within your Mition database.As Mition itself is a front end web application, it uses all these API's already to deliver all of the functionality you see / use in Mition on a daily ...

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One of the great features of having a mition site is that you do not need to use a 3rd party helpdesk or servicedesk system ever again. You can use the service desk module to manage internal tasks for your team, track the resolution and closing of tickets and see where the bottle necks in your organisation are.With small and large organisations, helping your members is your goal. With the helpdesk system it allows organisations to put processes in place to do this. Members can create and track...

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Roles are used to control user access. There are built-in roles for Administrator, Staff and Members you can use and you can add your own roles to further segment your users into different categories.When a user is assigned to a role, you can give them access to resources within the system.You can add roles to a user directly OR you can assign a role via a Subscription (although please note that adding a role to a subscription will not retrospectively add that role to users who already have ...

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Programs are a great way to segment different users. Unlike Roles, Programs do not have any specific security access.Create programs and add users to the programs in order to segment your different members.Note: Programs will eventually allow you to add CPD, Courses and other features to users by assigning programs, but this is still a work in progress.

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Document Library

The document library was built to help manage large numbers of documents for organisations. Create different libraries for different use, control who can access, edit and view documents as well as share these via direct links on the website.

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 Update your own site with your organisations colours and logos. Mition has a great set of tools to easily setup your site to use your own company themes.In July 2021 we added custom styles, so you can create all different colour schemes and apply them to any web component you want, this also allows you to include header and body fonts as well as button colours.

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IntroThe education module initial version is now complete. In this initial release you can create unlimited programs, assign users to programs and then break the program into levels, each level has rules around what is expected to be complete (activities / points) and you can issue certificates automatically.You can create activities that users can self administer and determine whether they are automatically approved or require staff approval. The initial release has General Activities, meani...

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