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Creating a simple subscription

 Subscriptions > Creating a simple subscription

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Creating a simple monthly subscription, that renews and takes money automatically

This simple subscription gives a member a monthly renewing subscription, that collects money automatically and provides them access to member resources.

  • Create the subscription (Admin Settings > Subscription Admin) give it a name (and code) "Membership" and give it a description "Join us, become a member and enjoy the benefits instantly". 
  • Mark it as active.
  • Set yourself as the Administrator (Admins are notified of new members joining).
  • Set a GL code (Member Fees)
  • Save it.
  • Go back into it and add Role Security of Member

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Next create a new Price for this Subscription

  • Make the name "Full Membership"
  • the term months=1 (which is 1 month)
  • Clear the Fixed Start Date, that way this monthly membership will start on the day the users subscribes.
  • Also give it a Reference code of "Full-Membership", this is more important for Fixed Start Date subscriptions and renewals, but its a good habit to do.
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There you have it a new subscription setup ready to take money monthly.

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You can show a list of all your subscriptions with pricing by putting a "subscription" web component on a webpage. This will show all subscriptions that are not hidden and you can optionally just show ones that match a discount code / reference code.

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You can add a subscription to a member, by going into the member record, going to memberships and adding a new subscription.

You can also bulk add memberships to many members at once from the main member search screen.

And for self service, use a Subscription component on a webpage which will show all of your membership options OR you can get the link from the subscription term price record

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Subscription Components

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