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Creating a simple subscription

Creating a simple monthly subscription, that renews and takes money automaticallyThis simple subscription gives a member a monthly renewing subscription, that collects money automatically and provides them access to member resources. Create the subscription (Admin Settings > Subscription Admin) give it a name (and code) "Membership" and give it a description "Join us, become a member and enjoy the benefits instantly".  Mark it as active. Set yourself as the Administrator (Admins are no...

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Subscription Components

SubscriptionThis is the main object that you are assigning to members/staff. It has a name you assign to it, like "Trainee Subscription" or "Membership Subscription" and when you assign a subscription it can optionally assign roles with it, like "Trainee" and "Member".Roles give your members access to what they need to see such as webpages, document libraries (see website/document library for more information).Member with subscriptions can be found in the main member search screen, so you c...

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Fixed Term Renewals

Many organisations in Australia have fixed membership terms such as 1st July to 31st June.The mition subscription engine cater for this type of scenario, our system is so flexible that you can actually have a mixture of fixed terms and non-fixed terms (start date based on when the user subscribes).To create a fixed term subscription, the only difference is the information you put in the Fixed Term Price record. You set the Fixed Start Date and the Fixed End Date and that is it, the term mo...

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Cancelling Subscriptions

You may want to cancel a subscription for many reasons: The user has requested to cancel the subscription The user chose the wrong subscription type Your organisation does not want to offer this subscription or service anymoreHow to cancel a subscriptionCancel a subscription for each member.You can cancel a subscription by finding the user/member and navigating to subscriptions. Then select the subscription by clicking the row and press the cancel button. It will ask you to confirm ...

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