Forms are very useful for many different business processes; they can be used for onboarding new clients, like a contact us form. They can be used for collecting survey information annually just as an example.

To create a form, go to the Forms module and click new.

You can give the form a name and a description and once saved you will be able to add other fields, move them up and down and make them mandatory or staff only.

You can create basic fields of type text, textarea, date, number, dropdown (where you can supply the dropdown data) and  checkbox. You can also supply the default value for these fields. 

How do you get your members to complete the forms?
For members and users to see these forms, put these on a webpage. Go to the webpages module and add a new component on a page, select Form and a list of available forms to display appears, select your form.

Advanced Features

You can alter the advanced features of a form, this will help you to understand what these advanced features do:

Thankyou Message: This is the message that appears to users when they submit the form.

Default button Text: You can change the SAVE button on the form.

Auto pre-fill: For some form types, it prefills the data with the user (or suppliers) last record

Notify Admin: An email to the Form Administrator is sent when a user submits a form (only for new forms submitted by members via the website, not for forms submitted by staff)