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The event module is quite new. It was designed to be able to help you manage all your events as well as easily display them on the website, users can self manage their attendance for free events (with more feature for paying events coming soon).

If users are not logged in and they clicks the FREE EVENT button, they will be asked to register or sign in to continue.

Go ahead! Start creating events and displaying them on a webpages for your organisation today.

Event List
The Event List is a web component you can put on a webpage, simply leave the tags blank or if you can select any tags and the events that match (intersection) of any the tags will display.

For example if the event has tags Social, Webinar and the Event List control has Webinar, eLearning then the event would display as they intersect at Webinar.

Only events that are older than -14 days are displayed, they automatically archive off.

The size of the control is recommended to be 12 as it will automatically adjust size for mobile.


You can review a list of attendees at anytime, by going into the course and selecting the attendees button.


The event attendee page has the ability to email / txt and add/remove attendees. You can manually send attendees reminders of the event, or any other news about the event.

The next version

Watch this space, we will be introducing:
- payments and invoicing for events.
- attendance scanning and ticket validation.

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