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Communication to members in a professional and streamlined way is at the forefront of all great organisations.

Your Mition portal is designed to simplify high quality communications to your members and staff.

Mitions' behind the scenes, complex IT systems and processed keep it simple to track all member and staff touch points.

You can create Email templates that can be sent to users in bulk, individually or automatically.

We store every email sent against the user it was sent to and include automatic tracking of whether it was opened (read) or failed to send (e.g. bounced). Advanced templates can track further details about clicks and link opens and provides detailed reports on a specific email template.

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You can publish simple or advanced email templates that can be used for staff for day to day processes.

Simple Templates
A simple email uses your sites default email headers/footers (set via admin settings) and lets you supply the TEXT for the template. Its quite simple, but really fast to create and set these up.

Advanced Templates
An advanced template uses MJML technology, the equivalent of responsive design for emails. You can use the advanced email template builder to add images, text, columns with images and footers very similar to the webpage builder. You can also add table of contents and header components that dynamically create tables of contents for long emails such as newsletters.

The advanced template builder lets you select a colour scheme or you can use your default sites colours.

Once a template has been built staff can send these to members individually (manually) or in bulk (manually) or you can setup an automated reminder to be sent at specific triggers. See Automated Reminders for more details.

Email Categories (for better unsubscribe management)

Create email categories (see admin settings) and file each template under a specific category, this will allow users to unsubscribe from specific categories. An example might be AGM, all email templates that are marked in this category will automatically not send emails to anyone who has unsubscribed from this category. Creating email categories allows your members to unsubscribe from content they do not wish to see, but allows them to continue to see important emails and emails regarding other categories.

By default a user is subscribed to all categories. When an email is sent to a user, they will see an unsubscribe link, even if not logged in, this unique link allows the user to set their unsubscribe preferences at anytime.

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Tags and Dynamic Content

Mition emails can use dynamic tags, these tags like [CompanyName] and [WebsiteURL] give you the ability to write emails and use the data stored in the Admin Settings or against a specific users record.

Tags are also case sensitive so you have to set them up correctly and be sure to test your templates that they work how you intended.

The following fields are available at any time:

Fields for this user
[Email] [Firstname] [Lastname] [Middlename] [Fullname] [Status] [Userid] [ItemGuid] [FullAddress]

[CustomField1] to [CustomField18]

[LastSupplierName] [LastSupplierID] [LastSupplierGUID] [Timezone] [Country]

General site tags (from admin settings)
From your sites invoices:
[CompanyName] [CompanyABN] [CompanyAddress]

From your site email settings:
[EmailHeader][EmailFooter] [EmailImage] [EmailDisclaimer]

Context Only
Some other tags can only be used in context, e.g. when a welcome email is sent for an event or subscription, look for the hints to tell you which custom tags can be used for that specific context. Automated emails often provide hints as to what fields are available.

If the template is sent direct to a user (manually) and has no context, these fields will be blank, so for your email template, if you use these tags be sure to make the email template and description clear to your staff that this is to only be sent automated only. Alternatively you can place these fields in the email and they will be blank, in such a way that if accidentally sent manually it wont look obvious.


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Sample emails

Your new mition system comes with a few templates already, but here are some others we created to help you cater for common scenarios you might find useful.

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Automated Reminders

See our Automated Reminder documentation here.

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Unsubscribe Features

See our documentation on unsubscribing features here.

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Have questions? You can email and the team at Mition Control will respond to your queries and update FAQs for other users..

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