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We added the ability to create automatic emails for events, invoices and subscriptions. To create an automated reminder for your mition system, go to Email Templates and click on the Clock icon next to the "add new" button.

Event Reminders

The main purpose of an event reminder, is to give the attendees a reminder that the event is coming up.

Create a new auto reminder and select category "Event". Then select how many days before the event the user should receive the email.

Select an email template to send. For this particular email template (and this one only) you can add a special field called  [EventDetails] adding this to an email template used by this Event Reminder will add details about the specific event for example:

Cumberland View 3:30pm tomorrow
State Date: 22/06/2022
Location: Cumberland View, Wheelers Hill
More info: Event Details Page

The Event Details Page will be an actual link to the event details page on your site.

If you send this template manually, the [EventDetails] will be replaced with a blank space (as the system does not have a context as to which event you wanted to notify the user about).

The auto-reminder will only send a reminder if the user is marked as "isAttending" the event, if they have since updated their status to not attending they will not get a reminder.

You can also direct users in an email to see "ALL" events they are attending and they can mark themselves as not attending manually there by using this link.

<a href='[WebsiteURL]/?displayedTable=MyEvents'>My Events</a>

The WebsiteURL parameter will be replaced with your sites url and /usersettings will force them to first login to see their settings & registered events.

Be sure to also include a url where they can find other events (ideally a webpage with an event list on it so they can see a summary of all upcoming events).

Invoice Reminders

The main function of the Invoice auto reminder is to prompt users who have overdue invoices.

Go to the Auto Reminders page and create a new one, select "Invoice" as the category and select how many days/weeks old the invoice should be before sending an email.

Select an email template to send to the users.  A simple one already created for you is the Overdues Fees template.

For this email template you can also use  [InvoiceDetails] in the email template and this will create a summary of the invoice that is overdue that looks something like this:

InvoiceID: 134
Amount Due: $20.00
Due Date: 20/06/2022

If you send this email template manually, the [InvoiceDetails] will just be blank as it is not aware of the invoice in context.

Subscription Reminders

The main reason for sending a Subscription reminder, is to take the opportunity to remind members that their membership will soon be renewed.

This notification will not send reminders to those members who have since renewed their membership (classified as early renewal) or have a subscription of the same type in future (classified as upgraded or downgraded manually in future).

Use this to let members know what is happening with their membership, will payments be taken automatically if payment details are on file, will they need to login and pay their invoice and other information.

Be sure to thank them for their continued support.

Go to the Auto Renewal Page and create a new one and select the category Subscription, then select how many days/weeks before the subscription expires to send the email.

As per the other auto reminders, you can use the special variable [SubscriptionDetails] in the email template and it will be replaced with the subscription details, for example it will replace that variable with something like this:

Membership Sample | Associate Couple 2021-2022
State Date: 01/07/2021
End Date: 30/06/2022

If you send that email template manually that field will be replaced with a blank text.

If you would like users to renew themselves and optionally add a donation to their next renewal, then this is a great chance to send the user to this page:

<a href="[WebsiteURL]/pay/earlyrenewal">Yes, I would like to start early renewal</a>

You can use the Early Renewal / Donation email template as an example, but this qualifies users whose memberships are up for renewal and if available provides them the opportunity to renew and donate an additional sum.

Early renewal

Usually, renewal of subscriptions will occurs automatically. Every 4 hours (this was previously once a week), the system looks for subscriptions that expire today or earlier and attempts automatic renewal. As the renewal occurs on the last day of the users subscription, there is no gap where they do not have a subscription. Early renewal is really a concept for those organisations who have fixed term subscriptions (ie 1st July to 30th June). But you can use Auto Reminders if you have members w...

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