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Flexible, all-in-one membership solution

All in One 

All the essential tools to manage any size organisation

Cloud Based 

Give everyone access to everything they need from anywhere

Open API 

Unlimited API with unlimited potential

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Included Features

eLearning & programs
Email marketing
SMS alerts
Payment gateway
Document library
Reporting & Analytics
Project boards
Service desk / Helpdesk


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Optimise Processes 

Manage high data volume user databases for any type of organisation for an economical monthly fee 

Cloud based system 

Remove the IT complexities and costs from organisations with mition

Save time 

Spend less time on complex tasks and more time providing services for your members and staff 


Taking membership payments online

Most organisations and associations that are in the business of collecting membership fees. It is harder than it looks and it can get very complicated. Here is the essential list of best practices that every organisation should follow when it comes to membership payments.1. Opting in and out for auto renewals.

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Member retention is linked to membership systems

Membership systems are traditionally very expensive and complex and due to these core factors many organisations have failed to keep these important records databases updated. As technology has upgraded in part of our everyday life, clients of membership organisations now expect a certain level of functionality and reliability and unfortunately are often disappointed with out-dated systems.

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Chat, Audio and Video Chat

Chat, Audio and Video Chat In today's world where meeting for work or socially or socially for work is becoming harder and harder, we realised that connecting with your m...

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Shared application services

Shared application services; the future of cloud based applications. So here is a very short overview of something I designed and implemented at mition and now after 18 mo...

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Secure and Private Membership Data

Security & Privacy for your Organisation. As we move our IT systems out of private networks and highly secure broom cupboards; we need to ensure that security and privacy of your organisations data ...

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Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

As larger organisations are finding, data is key. A single website visit can now mean so much. To those in the past, it means an anonymous visitor who you have no idea who they are or what they are looking for. While for those who have signed up to the latest technology and are on the forefront recognise that a favourite customer has returned, perhaps to see what is new.

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